More information concerning schedule pick-up and fees:


A new gym suit is NOT required. If your student can wear the one from last year (HJHS or HIS) then there is no need to purchase a new one. The cost of the gym suit is $22.00. So if you do not need a new gym suit the fee cost would be $28.00. An old or new gym suit IS required for Physical Education at HJHS.


Hartselle Junior High Start of School Information 

HJHS Early Schedule Pick Up Day

Tuesday July 29th 8:30-12:00 and 1:30-3:00 

This day is for those families who would like to go ahead and pay general fees and pick up their student’s schedule prior to the first day. Only those who pay fees on this day will be able to take advantage of early schedule pick-up.

Basic school supply lists are on the school website.  

General fees are $50.00 and include: gym locker, school locker, planner, gym suit and mailing fee.

Students will not get their locker assigned during early schedule pick-up, those will be assigned by homeroom teachers on the first day of school. Our lockers are grouped by homerooms and not first come, first serve.

Class fees for specific electives and donations for core classes will be collected August – September and will not be accepted on the schedule pick up day.

Please send a check or correct change. We will not be able to make cash change for large bills. 

HJHS does not change student schedules unless the error occurred during the scheduling process.  No changes will be made on this day regardless of the situation.

For any family that cannot make the pick-up day, schedules will be available the first day of school. Fees will be due at that time.

We hope that this allows families to plan ahead and not be bombarded with beginning of the school year fees in addition to the other expenses related to the start of school.

Open House and orientation

Sunday August 3rd     2-3:30

We will begin in the Pettey Center. The building will be open and teachers will be on-hand to say hello. Schedules WILL NOT be given out during orientation. Any student who did not pick up a schedule on the early pick-up day will receive their schedule the first day of school during homeroom. Open house is not required and simply gives students a chance to become familiar with the school campus.



School Events
•  Fee pay and schedule pick-up
Time: 8:00 AM

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